Painting Without a Brush

Like many artists, I was iPainting Without A Brushnitially inspired by nature when I first began drawing and painting. I started by creating images of trees, landscapes, and people, but soon came to realize that I was merely imitating life rather than creating natural beauty. To address this, I began to develop my own style of painting that combines principles of nature, art, and science, which led me to experiment with a technique I call “Painting Without a Brush.”

Rather than relying on traditional painting tools, I use forced air, chemical interactions, and natural forces to control the paint, inspired by the way nature creates phenomena like frost on a window, a river delta or rock formations. I treat the paint as a living organism, nurturing and encouraging it to evolve, grow, and change into its own unique form. This approach often leads to unpredictable outcomes, just as life itself can be unpredictable.

While I draw inspiration from the art pouring movement, I consider my technique to be distinct from pouring art. My method incorporates some of the techniques used by pouring artists, but ultimately, my goal is to create a natural event on the canvas in a completely organic way, much like the intricate patterns found throughout the universe. Through my paintings, I strive to capture the essence of nature in a way that is authentic, captivating, and beautiful.

Gary Barnett

Gary Barnett
132 County Rd. 8,
Napanee, Ontario
K7R 3C8

Mobile: 519-505-0468


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