If Flowers Could Speak
A Series of Paintings Inspired by Words

As my style of painting evolved, I transitioned from completely abstract painting to incorporating flowers into the work. When naming my pieces, I often refer to poems or quotes for inspiration to find a name that reflects the essence of the piece. I began to wonder, what if flowers had a voice and could speak, what would they say and what would they want the world to hear? 

This led me to create this series of paintings “If Flowers Could Speak”. The title for each painting in this series was inspired by a quote or a line from a poem or song. If flowers could speak, I believe this is what they would want us to hear.

The Secret Language Of Flowers
Even though flowers can’t speak in a language that we can understand, perhaps they are sending messages that we are unable, or unwilling to hear. – Gary Barnett

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Gary Barnett | Glass Flowers Exploding | 36" x 48"